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LimitState:FORM - Design Optimization Software

Optimization of Bloodhound SSC airbrake component

LimitState:FORM is a powerful software application for engineers who want to design strong and light components and structures. It is particularly suitable for exploiting the design freedoms associated with additive manufacturing (AM). The software automatically identifies minimum-weight truss designs for specified material stress or deflection limits.

LimitState:FORM provides a number of advantages over other tools:

  1. It can rapidly identify high fidelity optimized lattice design solutions. It produces parametric geometry output, rather than a mesh.
  2. Engineers can move quickly from defining the design domain, to an optimized form, and back again, in one fluid workflow. It is easy to refine the optimized design.
  3. Optimized forms are highly efficient and light weight - in fact they are very close to theoretical mathematical optima.
  4. There is no need to specify a target volume fraction - the software will automatically determine the optimum component geometry for any given set of input parameters.
  5. It includes a range of analysis tools, and models can be easily exported in standard formats for analysis in FEA tools. 
  6. The software is built on ANSYS SpaceClaim, a powerful direct modelling CAD package, which offers a rich suite of editing tools. Models can be analysed in ANSYS Mechanical with a one-click process. 

The tool has been proven in projects in the aerospace, automotive, space and construction engineering sectors.

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