LimitState:FIX - Superior Mesh Fixing Software

LimitState:FIX automatically identifies and repairs defects in STL files very rapidly. It is the only standalone mesh healing tool on the market which incorporates the leading 'Polygonica' technology.

Additive manufacturing (AM) professionals need their 3D models to be error free - few things are more frustrating than an STL file that fails to print due to errors. Mesh fixing software exists, but few tools can deal with the complexity encountered in some AM components. LimitState:FIX has been designed to be a highly robust mesh fixing tool, capable of fixing even the most challenging models, employing industry leading technology to do so.

Over the last 20 years, Polygonica has set the standard for industrial 3D mesh modelling, and it is now recognised as the most robust tool for repairing meshes in industrial models. LimitState has now integrated Polygonica's core mesh healing technology in an easy to use mesh fixing tool.

LimitState:FIX will automatically:

  • Simplify meshes
  • Close and merge solids
  • Fix orientation
  • Remove intersections and noise shells

LimitState:FIX repairs an STL file with over 21,500 errors in under 1 second.